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Serving Kansas and Missouri Financial Institutions Since 1988
OPPLIGER can help you move into the next wave of video surveillance - IP cameras.

The advantages of video over IP include:
Better pictures - IP cameras have higher resolutions which enable you to enlarge the saved video to a usable size
Better coverage - with IP megapixel cameras you can cover more area with less cameras and get better pictures
Less wire - 1 wire can transmit power and video
Remote options - stand alone ATM's in parking lots can transmit pictures over the network across the parking lot or across the city
OPPLIGER also offers a full line of analog cameras from name brand manufacturers. From a low light infrared camera to a wide dynamic indoor camera facing the sun, we can supply a camera that functions in most harsh lighting conditions. We feature Dinion fixed cameras, PTZ domes, fixed domes and outdoor enclosures from Bosch.
Please click on the manufacturer web site link below to view detailed info on the cameras that we offer
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