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Serving Kansas and Missouri Financial Institutions Since 1988
OPPLIGER can help you move into the next wave of video surveillance - IP cameras.

The advantages of video over IP include:
Better pictures - IP cameras have higher resolutions which enable you to enlarge the saved video to a usable size
Better coverage - with IP megapixel cameras you can cover more area with less cameras and get better pictures
Less wire - 1 wire can transmit power and video
Remote options - stand alone ATM's in parking lots can transmit pictures over the network across the parking lot or across the city
OPPLIGER also offers a full line of analog cameras from name brand manufacturers. From a low light infrared camera to a wide dynamic indoor camera facing the sun, we can supply a camera that functions in most harsh lighting conditions. We feature Dinion fixed cameras, PTZ domes, fixed domes and outdoor enclosures from Bosch.
Some of the manufacturers that we handle:
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